Wastewater Treatment Systems
Pump Stations
Remote Monitoring
Concrete - Extended Aeration
Steel - Extended Aeration
Polyethylene - Extended Aeration
Fiberglass - Extended Aeration
Installation Services

Not all treatment plants are designed and constructed the same way. More importantly, not all treatment plants are installed with the same care, attention to detail and adherence to Department of Helath regulations. Choose to have your plant installed by Sewer Treatment Specialist, LLC.

Municipal Pump Stations
Commercial/Industrial Stations
Multi-Family Dwelling Stations
Residential Pump Stations
Installation Services

Save yourself time and money by having the job done correctly the first time. Choose to have your influent or effluent lift station installed by Sewer Treatment Specialist, LLC.

Real-Time Monitoring

Send wireless data via Nextel and Cingular channels.

Continuous, real-time connectivity.

No radio networks or repeaters to maintain.

End-to-end 128 bit data encription.

Web browser-based real-time viewer provides remote data access and relay control.

Supervised power supply with battery backup included.


Great coverage. Higher reliability than voice channels.

Digital input changes are updated as they occur.

Meets AWWA standards.

Anytime, anywhere access to your data.

Monitors and reports site status even when power fails.

Web Viewer

Watch pumps cycle on and off in real time.

Control remote relays with a click.

Get instant graphs for the last hour or last day of data.